Asaf Mayer Architects

Asaf Mayer is graduate of the Architectural Association in London. Since 2007, following two years in Greece, Asaf joined Mayer Architects, the family practice, where he gained experience leading large scale projects ranging from high rise residential buildings, commercial and office buildings, conservation, green design as well as extensive regeneration projects and urban planning.

Alongside the ongoing engagement with traditional architectural work, Asaf, insistent on generating added value architecture has focused the practice to develop multidisciplinary cooperation. In turn this led to a paradigm of synthesis between architecture and technology, both high tech and low tech at multiple related scales. What was initially a theoretical engagement, has gradually matured into actual practice, and led to projects like the world largest stage for volumetric video capture by Intel in L.A.

Backed by extensive level headed building experience and paired with an acute innovative perception the studio's strength is in research, development and design implementation. We have established an international network of cooperation with leading technology companies, manufactures, professionals and academics from the fields of engineering, computing, media, art, and renewable energy in particular solar power and water resources.

Asaf Mayer Architects are constantly motivated to expand and explore familiar as well as new grounds, to challenge architectural conceptions and seek integrative ingenuity

Mayer Architects and Town Planners - History

Mayer Architects and Town Planners was set up by Architect Yitzhak Pearlstein the early 1940's. Throughout the years the practice has specialized in town planning and high volume residential projects and established itself as one of the leading architectural firms of Israel. In the 1960's the practice became a pioneer in high rise architecture with the construction of the 34 stories high Shalom Tower, then the highest tower in the Middle East and a Tel Aviv landmark to this day.

On 1985 Architect Avi Mayer with his wife Architect Liora Mayer, graduates of the Haifa Polytechnic took over the management of the practice. With projects in Israel and overseas, they have led the practice to further expand its engagement with large scale residential and commercial work with the leading construction companies in Israel.